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About Seetron

SEETRON INC. is a Korean expert company working on R & D of commercial vehicle TPMS for the automotive industry. Founded in 1999, we are focused on design, engineering, manufacturing and distributing the tire pressure monitoring system and developed the first passenger TPMS at 2003 in Korea. The brand name of TP2 has become the common idea of retrofit TPMS of car. Being aware of absence of truck and bus TPMS against high demand in CV market, we had developed CV TPMS in cooperation with the corporate research & development division of HYUNDAI . KIA motors from 2007 to 2010. SEETRON has supplied this leading-edge CV TPMS technologies to HYUNDAI commercial vehicle as tier 1 supplier of original equipment manufacturer since 2012. As transferring the commercial vehicle OEM technologies, The TP2-Trucker had been developed to introduce the easy and convenient solution on the retrofit market of commercial vehicle. In spite of high demand of CV TPMS, the inconvenience to use is the main reason of stagnation. Therefore , SEETRON would provide easy and convenience to the driver. The TP2-Trucker including All-in-one monitor, universal wire sensor, semi-auto location and auto coupling of trailer had introduced since 2015. SEETRON has continued his effort for after-market and developed the consolidated system with smartphone APP and Tire Pressure Monitoring device at 2016. The smartphone TPM system leads the market to forward looking step. A CV TPMS industry pioneer, SEETRON is driven to deliver solutions for truck and bus TPMS to reduce the hazardous tire accident and save the fuel and increase the vehicle performance.

The Vision

We creates the future of commercial vehicle TPMS.

Company Ideology
To remain as a going concern that faces new challenges through innovation, tackles markets with technologies and creates new high value-added businesses by developing products with social values.
To contribute to society by creating employment, fostering talents and increasing its exports.
To endeavor rationalization of business management realizing the universally validated targets of customers, employees and share-holders.