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The under inflation should be monitored


The mandatory rule of TPMS on passenger car has not been news anymore since 2014 in the world. The news shall be the rule making of TPMS on truck and bus. In this respect, there is great interest what is the system configuration and the fitment method of CV TPMS.
For example, the questions are :
  • ⋅ Should it be the internal sensor types same as passenger car?
  • ⋅ How to mount it?
The configuration of CV TPM system should overcome the several challenges :
  • ⋅ The wide range of vehicle and rims
  • ⋅ The large size of vehicle against limited radio wave transmissibility
  • ⋅ The mounting of tire sensor
  • ⋅ The solution of tire localization and initialization
  • ⋅ The need of temperature information
To overcome these challenges, SEETRON had co-development project with HYUNDAI motors during 2007 to 2010 and developed the most advanced CV TPMS. SEETRON has supplied these leading-edge CV TPMS technologies to HYUNDAI motors as tier 1 supplier of original equipment manufacturer since 2012.
The SEETRON CV TPMS has been equipped to the tractor and cargo truck, model XCIENT, the tour bus, model UNIVERSE, of HYUNDAI motors and the tour bus, model GRANBIRD of KIA motors, etc.
System overview
The system consists of TPMS ECU and 1~3 antenna module slaves and tire sensor of same number of tires.
The outstanding feature
The TP2-OEM goes where no other TPM system has goes before.
- The auto location of each tire
- Initialization by auto-learning
- Auto pairing function of multiple antenna module
- Parking supervision
- Auto coupling of trailers
- Data communication by CAN SAE J1939 or serial
Specification of system
Tire Sensor Radio Frequency
Modulation Type
Operation Temperature
Battery Life
ECU/Antenna module Configuration
Data communication
Specification Remarks
433/315 MHz Regulation spec.
Valve type
-40℃ ~ +125℃
5 years Normal condition
Slave 1~3
ECU to HMI : CAN J1939
ECU to Slave : LIN
CAN 250 Kbps
Multi display & Telltale Meter cluster
The mounting of tire sensor
Internal fit of tire sensor
The best solution of OE tire sensor is the internal valve type and the basic concept is same as the tire sensor of metal clamp valve of passenger car. It can avoid any problem during demounting process and it has been tested on the full automatic tire mounting line.
A weak point is that there are many different tire valves.
However, SEETRON had designed the segmented tire sensors against all kind of rim and tire valves.
SEETRON is ready to support all kind of rims and valves including large bore.
The unique valve-system type design
The advantage of unique valve stem sensor is:
- Easy to mount (just same as conventional tire valve stem mounting)
- Robust design
- No breakage during demounting
- Simple to fit (Loosen and Drop)
- Real monitoring of temperature inside tire
- Versatility for all kind of rims (17.5”, 19.5”, 22.5”, wide base rim).
Tire Pressure Sensor(TPS)
picture 1 outside position value installation
picture 2 inside position value installation
Specification of Tire Sensor
Item Description
Pressure Operation Range
Temperature Operation Range
Specification Remarks
100kPa~1400kPa (0 ~ 13 bar)
5.5kPa/bit (1psi = 6.895kPa)
-40℃ ~ 125℃
TPMS ECU and Antenna-modules
The TPMS consists of one TPMS ECU, 1-3 antenna-module slave and tire sensors of same number of tires. The TPMS ECU is used to locate around the cabin. TPMS ECU keeps Tire sensor ID and does the localization and initiation by auto learning or Manual-teach-in, parking supervision, and sends DTC. It has the CAN communication to the vehicle CAN and LIN communication with the antenna module slaves.
The antenna module slave is used to locate on the front area of side frame or on the side frame of chassis. It has very simple functions: RF receiver and LIN communication. The AM-S enclosure has same shape of TPMS ECU. It is very compact and very rigid enclosure. The housings and connectors are water and shock proof to prevent any damage from the exposed position.
Specification of ECU/Antenna-module


Description Specification Remarks
Power supply DC 24V
Operation Voltage DC 9 – 36 V
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Radio Frequency 433/315 MHz
Modulation FSK
Sensibility -105 dB
Size (L x H x W) 117*69*39.2 mm
COMM. SPEC. (Master-Slave) LIN 1.3 , 10kbps
COMM. SPEC.(Master-Vehicle CAN) J1939 (CAN 2.0B, 250kbps)
The OE clusters have been developed by truck and bus manufacturers and it shows the tire pressure and temperature and warns of low pressure and high temperature during driving.
TP2-OEM for passenger car
Based on the after-market sales experience since 2006 and CV-OEM, the OEM products for passenger cars are available. The concept of unique valve design has been transferred to the swivel tire sensor of passenger car TPMS. This swivel tire sensor can be able to work to 12 - 24 inches rim and it has the most-wide angle in the world. The TP2-OEM-PC can afford the FMVSS 138 of NAFTA, ECE-R64 of Europe and Korean regulation.